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Scientific studies and projects have historically supported and continue to support the benefits of music education. However, the ways which kids are learning and listening to music has dramatically changed. As budget cuts are driving music programs out of schools, technology is transforming the way students learn. Old and unused pianos are being dumped, abandoned, neglected, smashed and event burnt, while

public piano campaigns like "Play Me, I'm Yours" are bringing communties together across the world.   


Changing Keys was developed with this research in mind as well as the struggles faced by school music departments and the culture of today's youth.

Benefits of Music Education & Piano Lessons
Struggles Facing Music Education Today
This App Will Teach Your Kid To Play The Piano

These days, developers are trying to create video games to teach just about everything. It seems pretty clear that learning through digital play can be extremely effective. So there’s a race on to build the best apps and games to teach each and every subject. I recently tested an iPad app designed to teach music and I was reminded of a few key things we should all keep in mind about learning through digital play... More


Music education is out of tune with how young people learn

By focusing on exams, and undervaluing informal approaches to music, we are preventing young people reaching their full musical potential...more

Sound of Silence: Music education also hard hit by by budget cuts

The University of California Institute for Research in the Arts


Music Education in Crisis

National Educational Music Company


County elementary schools go without music education



Community Piano Projects
Learning Music Today
Public Piano Projects
Unused Pianos
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