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Moving Forward   


In order for Changing Keys to succeed, a huge amount of financial and community support is necessary. We have some great ideas in motion and need your help!



Our Board of Directors are working on some creative and resourceful ways to raise awareness and funds for Changing Keys. We will soon begin the process of choosing artist ambassadors to represent and promote the organization. Between ten and twenty pianists spanning across a variety of musical genres will be chosen based on their accomplishments, musicianship and commitment to music education. We will also introduce "The Changing Keys" necklaces, featuring a pendant made out of a wooden piano key accompanied by a stylish chain. The goal of this project is to combine charity, resourcesfullness and style. The keys will be worn by our artist ambassadors and sold at a variety of events. We also hope to organize several concerts and talent shows to benefit Changing Keys while giving young artists a platform to perform in their communities.

Get Involved

Keep the conversation going! Like our page on Facebook to get all of our latest updates and join a community dedicated to keeping music education alive.

Social-media savvy? Creative? Interested in earning college credit while making a difference in the community? Join our team, for the semester... or longer!  Send us your resume.

Can your business provide goods or services at a discounted rate? From restaurants to music stores, we are looking for sponsors to help cut down our expenses, allowing more funds to go to the cause!

Have a piano or keyboard sitting around at home?  We'll connect your unused piano to a student or organization that will give it plenty of "play time".

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