The roots of this project are definitely personal for me. My lineage of professional musicians is the product of an unexpected plot twist; my great-uncles, the children of poor immigrants decided to reject the typical life of Massachusetts factory work and pursue music instead. Their talent and hardwork granted them a lifetime of unique stories, opportunities and experiences. Even at holidays and family get togethers, three generations of musicians perform together, demonstrating that the tradition is well and alive! I was privileged to grow up around this in addition to recieving music education in school.  However, as budget deficits force schools to cancel their music programs,students miss out.  Project MIOS strives to create awareness about the importance of music education, especially in at-risk and ESL communities, and make music lessons accessible for these students.

I'd like to personally thank you for your interest in the continuation of music education and Project MIOS. Please take a moment to learn more about the organization's mission and how we plan to help improve the lives of students through music.


Alissa Musto